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Our Core Features

Publish Your Availability, 24/7

Set your working hours and - based on your existing appointments and events - we'll publish when you're available for appointments. Make double bookings a thing of a past and accept appointments around the clock.


Robust, Accurate, and Flexible Scheduling

Setup Veribook to match your existing business practices. Whether you require prep time between appointments, schedule a dozen different types of appointments, or need to set how far in advance bookings can be made, quickly configure your account to accept appointments exactly as required.


Administrative Dashboard

Manage your schedule from an easy to use web dashboard. See at a glance your bookings, registrations, and messages, and control when you're available for additional bookings.

Bookings & Registrations

Use our system to schedule both individual appointments (e.g. massage therapy) as well as group sessions (e.g. classes, seminars, workshops).


Integrated Messaging

Keep your communication with customers organized with integrated messaging. Send and receive messages linked to appointments to know the context at a glance.


Automatic Tools to Simplify Your Life

Automatic Reminders and Tools

To save you time and effort, we help you automate your business. Veribook can automate sending custom confirmations, reminders, and more. Reduce no-shows dramatically, and ensure your customers arrive prepared and informed.


Synchronize with Other Calendars

Automatically synchronize your Veribook calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Never miss an appointment again.


Online Payments

Let your clients pay online in advance. Easily accept credit card payments prior to bookings.


No Installation & Free Upgrades

Our cloud-based software requires only a web browser. No installation of software or hardware needed. Stay continually updated with the latest version of our software.


Customize, Integrate, and Brand

Create Custom Forms and Fields

Work with us to customize your booking forms to suit your own unique needs. Present and ask exactly the questions that your organization needs to operate well.

Easy and Simple Integration

We integrate into your existing online presence. Have your clients book with you directly through your existing website, blog, or social media presence. Even add a link into your email signature.


Customized Booking Pages

Create and customize multiple booking pages to meet your needs. Incorporate your organization’s branding to maximize goodwill and to maintain consistency.


Customize your Emails

Ensure your customers have the information they need at their fingertips. Include custom information in email confirmations and reminders.


Making to Easy for Your Customers

Skip the Registration Step

Make it easy for your customers to book with you. With Veribook, your customers won't need to create an account before scheduling an appointment.


Rescheduling and Cancellations

Include a link in confirmation emails to give customers the option of rescheduling or cancelling their appointment themselves. Cut down on unnecessary calls and emails.


Desktops, Laptops, & Mobile Devices

Have your customers schedule through any modern device of their choice, including smartphones and tablets. Be mobile friendly for your customers.


Support for Larger Organizations

Multi-Location and Multi-Employee Support

Let users select or search for a convenient location or individual. Perfect for larger or multi-location businesses. Even automatically assign customers to staff based on availability.


Share and Control Staff Access

Limit your staff's access as needed, yet give staff the ability to manage certain bookings and registrations. Use Veribook to manage teams both large and small.


Limited Access

Opt into limiting which customers can schedule with you online. It’s your business, use Veribook to stay in control.


Export Your Information

Export All Appointment Information

With just a few clicks, export your full appointment history to any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.


Print Day Sheets

Easily print appointment day sheets to stay informed, even when you're offline. Create separate lists for different staff, locations, and services.


Robust Timezone Support

Multiple Timezone Support

Never worry about timezone differences again. Veribook can even automatically adjust to your customers' timezone, so that you don't have to.


Timezone Simulation

If managing a geographically diverse team, use Veribook to view schedules in different timezones. Whether your staff are in Los Angeles, Sydney, or Beijing, view and manage their schedules effortlessly.