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Family Physicians

Magenta Health

This busy family practice uses Veribook to schedule nearly all patient appointments.

Once patients register with the clinic and are assigned to a family doctor, they can access a booking page specific to their own family doctor. This page summarizes all relevant information, and provides patients with the opportunity to specify the type of appointment required.


The appointment times that are made available to patients are specific to the type of appointment required, and can vary in terms of length, how far in advance appointments can or must be booked, as well as the special instructions provided.


As part of the booking process, Veribook checks to ensure the patient is authorized to schedule appointments online with this clinic, confirms the identity of the patient in real-time with the clinic’s electronic medical record, OSCAR EMR, and automatically inserts the appointment into the physician’s schedule in OSCAR EMR already linked to the correct patient record.


The patient is also provided an immediate confirmation of the appointment on their device, and an email confirmation is sent to the patient with further information. A reminder is also sent automatically a day before the patient’s appointment, to further reduce no-shows.


Patients can cancel or reschedule appointments online as well, in accordance with the deadlines set in place by the clinic. Cancelled appointment timeslots are immediately made available to other patients, to minimize unnecessary downtime and gaps in the day.