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Introduction and Basic Setup

Create a New Resource

Ben Shah

Resources represent staff members or physical assets that can be scheduled for services. By default, your Veribook account comes with a single resource pre-created . This default resource cannot be deleted, but it can be renamed.

If you have multiple staff members, assets, or locations that need to be scheduled separately, you may want to create a resource corresponding to each. If so, you may also want to group the resources together, once they have been created.

For example, a tutoring agency may create a resource for each tutor on staff so that each tutor can be separately scheduled, and then group the tutors together by the subject(s) each can teach.

As an alternative to creating multiple resources, it is also an option to configure a single resource to accept multiple bookings simultaneously.


1. Select the Setup Services button in the main navigation bar.


2. Select the Resources tab, then select the Create Resource button.


3. Complete the form that is presented:

  • Enter a name for this resource. This name will be visible to customers.

  • Optionally, enter a description for the resource.

  • Configure how many simultaneous bookings this resource can accept. In most cases, the right value for this option is 1.

Remember to click the Create button


Once a resource has been created, you will still need to:

  • setup working hours for this resource

You may also need to:

  • add the resource to the applicable resource group(s)

  • share access to the resource with other users