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Call Centers

Ben Shah

This call center uses Veribook to streamline its internal workflow and prevent double bookings when scheduling tax preparation appointments for seniors.

When a senior calls in, the call center employee accesses an internal booking page managed by Veribook. This website provides detailed instructions, including the information to provide to the caller, as well as what items to remind the caller to bring to their appointment.


By following the instructions, the call center staff is able to schedule an appointment for the caller in just a few seconds.


The appointment is immediately confirmed so that the caller can be advised of his or her confirmed appointment time. If an email is provided, a confirmation is sent with the same information, and a reminder sent automatically a day before the appointment reduces no-shows.

standard_confirmation (1).png

This particular call center prefers to have callers call back to reschedule to cancel appointments. This same internal page thus includes a searchable list of appointments to facilitate easily rescheduling or cancellation.