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Group Tours

Ben Shah

This outdoor tour and instruction company uses Veribook to take registrations for dozens of different sessions a season.

Participants can browse their website listing different types of sessions, including classes, tours, and trips, and register in just a few seconds without needing to sign-up for an account.


The capacity of each session can be individually set. Other configuration options that this company uses include when customers can start to register for sessions, when customers must register by, who is teaching the sessions, as well as cancellation policies and special instructions.


Payments are also made online. Different sessions can cost different amounts, and spaces are reserved for 15 minutes while payments are completed.


Participants are provided an immediate confirmation of their request on their device, and an email confirmation is sent to the participant with further information. A reminder is also sent to help reduce no-shows.


Participants are provided with the opportunity to cancel their registration online as well, in accordance with the applicable cancellation policies. Cancelled registrations are immediately made available to other participants, to maximize overall participation.